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Open Curriculai

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Welcome to Open Curriculai, an opinionated, constantly evolving, organized curation of top resources in the form of a curriculum and a resource hub.

The curriculum is intended to be a complete education in data science using online materials and a holistic approach to learning. The resource hub is a collection of hand-picked content organized by topic.

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Target Audience

Who is this for?
  • Anyone who wants to learn data science in a self-taught way, irrespective of what their current background is. The curriculum assumes no prior knowledge of data science or coding, and only basic knowledge of high school math.

  • People seeking a career change or want to apply data science in their current role.

  • Experienced practitioners looking to learn a new specialty in machine learning, or that are in search of high-quality content.

The challenges of learning data science


  • There is a significant amount of online resources & books from which to choose from. Where do you start your learning journey? What specific content should you look at?
  • How do you know if the course/book you are about to engage in is of high quality and worth your time?
  • It is difficult to find a place that organizes material found online into a long term learning plan that covers all aspects of data science.
  • A lot of popular curriculums only suggest content from their own platforms. The truth is, the best content on each subject comes from a variety of different sources and comes in many different formats.
  • Bootcamps inaccurately make the promise that their students will get hired right after graduating. Since this is false in most cases, what steps should be taken prior and after taking a bootcamp?

Objectives of Open Curriculai


  • Inspire people who have never programmed but are interested in data science to take the leap and dive into the field.
  • Assist anyone from total beginner, to bootcamp graduate, and everyone in between, to deepen their knowledge in the field so they can get hired as a data analyst, a data scientist, or a machine learning scientist.
  • Attract experienced practitioners & teachers that are either looking for exceptional data science material or to help and mentor beginners.
  • Incentivise people to discover and work on real world practical projects they are passionate about.

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We encourage you to contribute in any way you want

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