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This section contains material to help think about the trajectory of your career, prepare for job interviews, and write about your work.

Building a Career in AI

Title Description & Context Source
12 things I wish I’d known before starting as a Data Scientist
How to Build a Career in AI Short blog series on how to build a career in AI (4 parts) Andrew Ng
Is Data Scientist Still the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century? Overview of trends and evolution of data science profession over the years Harward Business Review
Talk: Accelerating Your AI Career Talk with Andrew Ng and others about tips to advance or break into AI  Youtube

Job Interview Prep

Title Description & Context Source
Meta (Facebook) Machine Learning Mock Interview: Illegal Items Detection Get insights into how to answer ML interview questions Data Science Jay (YouTube)
Machine Learning Research & Engineering - Flashcards Large amount of machine learning concepts in one place. Flash card format b7leung (Github)
51 Essential Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers ML Interview questions of all levels and subjects Springboard
Coding interview cheatsheet: Best practices before, during and after Read this before a coding interview Tech Interview Handbook


Title Description & Context Source
August Edition: Writing Better as a Data Scientist List of resources to make you a better writer whether to increase your visibility as a candidate or to deepen your understanding on a topic.