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Deep Learning

Resources here are limited to introductory notions of deep learning.

Neural Network Basics

Title Description & Context Source
A Visual And Interactive Look at Basic Neural Network Math Neural networks introduction Jay Alammar
A Visual Explanation of Gradient Descent Methods Visual explanations of Momentum, AdaGrad, RMSProp, Adam towards data science
Neural Networks from Scratch - P.1 Intro and Neuron Code Build a neural network in raw Python Youtube
Essential Math for Data Science: Information Theory Understsand Cross Entropy hadrienj (Github)
Why Momentum Really Works Detailed explanation about gradient descent and momemtum Distill
What is backpropagation really doing? Video about the backpropagation algorithm in detail 3blue1brown
Recurrent Neural Networks cheatsheet Cheatsheet of everything related to RNNs Stanford CS230
Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), Clearly Explained!!! Video explaining RNNs step by step StatQuest

Neural Network Advanced

Title Description & Context Source
The illustrated Transformer Detailed explanation of how Transformers work testing to see what happens if description is long Jay Alammar
Self Attention Short video about self attention Rasa Learning Center